Our aim is to offer you not only the absolute best designs, but also the latest in spa pool technology and highest quality component’s all at incredibly affordable prices. Unwind Spas is New Zealand owned and operated and boasting the latest in spa pool technology, including the impressive and reliable American-made Balboa® control systems, American Lucite acrylic shell, and the latest Ozone water purification systems. The best value and spec’d spas in New Zealand, you simply get more bang for your buck with an Unwind Spas, offering free lockable covers, filters and backed up with fantastic after sales service and advice to help you with owning and operating your new spa pool.

We believe that you simply cannot find a better value spa in New Zealand. And if you do, let us know and we will beat it!

If space is not an issue and you like to stretch out, the Soothe can offer you not one, but two dedicated hydro-massage lounger chairs, so you and your special someone can recline and relax together.
L 2130 x W 2130 x D 900mm
5 Seater
Dry: 390kg Wet: 1540kg
1150 L
Offering a popular seating arrangement of four comfortable hydrotherapy seats, the Relax is great for catching up with the family at the end of the day.
L 2100 x W 1550 x D 810mm
4 Seater
Dry: 250kg Wet: 1100kg
850 L
The Unwind Serenity is a full hydro-therapy beast with enough power to provide you with the ultimate in luxurious massage.
L 2050 x W 2050 x D 800mm
6 Seater
Dry: 370kg Wet: 1400kg
1030 L
The Unwind Elevate is a beautifully crafted spa and is the top spa pool in our range, able to offer you not one, but two luxuriously dedicated hydro-massage lounger chairs, perfect to use on a cool clear night.
L 2100 x W 2100 x D 920mm
6 Seater
Dry: 390kg Wet: 1540kg
1150 L
The Invigorate is a top of the line hydrotherapy beast. Able to accommodate a group of five and with multiple seating options, there’s something to suit everyone.
L 2180 x W 2180 x D 900mm
5 Seater
Dry: 420kg Wet: 1640kg
1220 L
The Meditate is the most compact spa in our hydrotherapy range, yet easily able to accommodate three people and packed full of specialised features.
L 2250 x W 1550 x D 800mm
3 Seater
Dry: 310kg Wet: 1040kg
730 L