Seasonal Tips

Canterbury Spa and Pool services all brands of pool and spa equipment and we stock a range of quality pumping and filtration equipment and genuine spare parts.

Seasonal News – Autumn / Winter

Sadly, we have said goodbye to our summer, and you may be looking towards closing your pool down. It can be a good time to look at doing those little jobs you noticed through summer, but just wanted to keep the pool going for the time being.  Here are some tips of things we recommend for the pool:


The lovely clear Spring nights are an ideal time to enjoy your spa.  Always ensure your filters are rinsed weekly, and soaked in Focus filter cleaner and degreaser each time you change the water in the spa.    The better you look after your filter, the better IT can look after your spa water.  Many heating issues are caused by poor filter maintenance.   If your filter is more than two years old, we recommend it’s time for replacement. 

We now stock the Poppits range of spa chemicals, this contains NO CHLORINE OR BROMINE and is great for asthmatics and people with sensitive skin.  Come in and talk to us, and see if this is the right product for you, or visit

One thing you can be assured of,  is that we know spas and we always work to ensure that we find the right spa for you, and then we look forward to continuing that relationship with you in looking after the water chemistry in-store.   

  • Circulation and filtration will always be the best non-chemical thing you can do for your pool. Ensure that the running time for your pool matches the weather conditions, we would recommend a minimum running time of 6 hours per day for autumn (Mar/Apr/May). When winter arrives (Jun/Jul/Aug) we recommend no less than 4 hours per day of pump time.
  • Bring in a water sample for testing regularly, we can ensure the mineral balance of the pool is at its best levels. Water balance is key to ensuring that the chlorine supplied to the pool is fully active. During Autumn a chlorine level of 2ppm – 3ppm is recommended – in winter your pool will easily survive on a chlorine level of 1ppm – 2ppm.
  • Focus Stabilised Pool Sticks are a great way to ensure less chlorine is used in the pool, as they only dispense chlorine when the pump is running. Less pump time means Smart Sticks last longer, and that’s s direct saving to you. Remember though – the key to keeping chlorine active is good water balance.
  • Don’t let your pool green over winter. Green pools are unhealthy, unsightly and costly to remedy. Remember, clearing a green pool is a process, there is no quick fix. Keeping the pool well tended over autumn and winter will pay dividends come spring and summer.
  • An automatic pool cleaner is an ideal way to keep leaves and debris out of the pool. Most run off the suction produced by the pool pump. All you need to do, is empty the skimmer basket where the leaves collect. We now have a demonstration Robotic cleaner in store – these work independently of the pump and work really efficiently. Speak to us if you interested in having one of these trialed in your pool. If you prefer the manual option, keep leaves and debris from the pool by scooping and manual vacuuming. Vegetation left to rot in the pool will quickly use up your chlorine reserves, sending the pool nasty in quick order.
  • Alternatively we can take all that work away and valet your pool for you on a fortnightly or monthly basis. We will then take care of the vacuuming and cleaning, water testing and dosing of chemicals for you.
  • Oxidize your pool monthly with Focus Clean & Swim, this will will keep any organic wastes out of the pool and keep it clear and sparking. Add a monthly dose of Focus Powercide 4 – this is a must for all pools.
  • Winter or debris covers can be placed over the pool to keep leaves out.
  • If your pool pump is noisy or leaking, your filter isn’t working like it should, or you’re thinking about some pool heating or a pool cover, then now is an excellent time to contact us. Our Service Department can carry out repairs or quote to replace equipment. Call us on 0800-POOLFIX (0800-7665349) today.