Free Pool and Spa Water Testing

We carry out complimentary in-store water testing for spa and swimming pools for our Focus chemical customers.

It is recommended that you have the water tested monthly, in order to keep the mineral balance of the water correct, thus ensuring that sanitisers used in the water work to their fullest potential.  Our water testing programme works with the Focus chemicals, a well respected brand in the industry.   Proper water maintenance will save you time and money in the long run.

A water test takes approximately 5-10 minutes.  We ask that you bring in approximately 500ml of water from elbow depth (we can provide you with a free sample bottle) and we carry out full testing of pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, sanitiser level, dissolved solids and metals.  From there, we can make recommendations based on your pool or spa size, so that the guess work on quantities and specific products is removed.  We can also advise on more specialised problems you may possibly have with algaes, metals, cloudiness, sanitiser inefficiency, and staining.

Spa pools being a smaller quantity of water, and being heated, can very quickly go out of balance and cause skin issues, cloudiness and odours.  Monthly testing of your spa water balance should become part of your maintenance programme as incorrect water balance can also cause costly corrosion of spa equipment.

We stock a full range of Focus Chemicals for both swimming and spa pools, and are always happy to discuss any specific issues you are having.